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   Failure of camshaft Date:2019-5-4

The common faults of camshaft include abnormal wear, abnormal sound and fracture, and abnormal wear often occurs before abnormal sound and fracture. 

The main results are as follows: (1) the camshaft is almost located at the end of the engine lubrication system, so the lubrication condition is not optimistic. If the oil pump has insufficient oil supply pressure due to excessive service time, or if the lubricating oil is unable to reach the camshaft due to the blockage of the lubricating oil channel, or if the tightening torque of the bearing cover fastening bolt is too large, the lubricating oil cannot enter the camshaft clearance, Will cause abnormal wear and tear of the camshaft. 

(2) the abnormal wear of the camshaft will lead to the increase of the gap between the camshaft and the bearing seat, and the axial displacement will occur when the camshaft moves, resulting in abnormal noise. Abnormal wear will also lead to the increase of the gap between the driving cam and the hydraulic tappet, and the impact will occur when the cam is combined with the hydraulic tappet, resulting in abnormal noise. 

(3) the camshaft will sometimes break and other serious faults, the common causes are hydraulic tappet fragmentation or serious wear, serious poor lubrication, camshaft poor quality and camshaft timing gear rupture and so on. 

(4) in some cases, the failure of the camshaft is caused by man-made reasons, especially when the engine is repaired without proper disassembly and assembly of the camshaft. For example, when removing the camshaft bearing cover, hit the camshaft bearing cover with a hammer or pry it with a screwdriver, or install the bearing cover in the wrong position so that the bearing cover does not match the bearing housing, or the tightening torque of the bearing cover fastening bolt is too large. When installing the bearing cover, attention should be paid to the marking of the direction arrow and position number on the surface of the bearing cover, and the torque wrench should be used to tighten the bearing cover fastening bolt in strict accordance with the prescribed torque.

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