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Camshaft is one of the key parts of engine. The hardness of the peach tip of camshaft and the depth of white mouth layer are the key technical indexes to determine the service life and engine efficiency of camshaft. On the premise of ensuring that the cam has enough hardness and quite deep white mouth layer, it should also be considered that there is no higher carbide in the journal to make it have better cutting performance. 

The main methods of producing camshaft at home and abroad are as follows: after the steel forging blank is machined, the part of the cam peach tip is quenched at high frequency to form the Markov layer. In the late 1970s, Germany and France developed a new process of argon arc remelting of camshafts, hardened cast iron camshafts dominated by the United States, cold hardened cast iron camshafts dominated by Japan and France, and cold cast iron camshafts dominated by Japan and France. And the production technology of casting surface alloying with Cr-Mn-Mo alloy coating for cam parts.










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